Date 2018


Location and Incident








 8th January


 Team alerted whilst the team was out on a training session, Alison Tucker took a small fall after slipping on moss and twisted her knee. She was assessed by the team doctor, and then the team carried out a back roping stretcher evacuation for her.



 14th January


 Team asked, through Silver, to assist OVMRO with mutual aid to search for a person who had been reported overdue after a day on Tryfan.
Team tasked with daylight search 15th January - the casualty had unfortunately suffered fatal injuries.



 9th February


 Two females lost near Llyn y Gader, Rhyd Ddu.
Team members contacted the two females who stated that they had strayed off the path into very boggy ground. They were advised to retrace their steps. They managed to reach firmer ground and were met by Team members to confirm they were safe.





 Request from South Snowdonia MRT to assist with an injured mountain biker at Blaenau Ffestiniog.



 2nd March


 Team requested to assist SSSART who had been tasked by multi agency silver to assist Welsh Ambulance who were attending a male in cardiac arrest at a private address in Llanbedr. SSSART making slow progress to scene with limited therefore assistance required for a potential 1.5km carry out to Ambulance which had been blocked by fallen trees.
Stand down came shortly thereafter as casualty had sadly died.



 3rd March


 Team were contaced by NWP informing us of people who were stuck in a vehicle between Llangian and Llaneuan. Team deployed 4 members initially before sending a full team callout out a few hours after. Party was found - team members were assisted by a local farmer who helped to remove the persons from the vehicle.



 3rd March


 Team contacted by NWP needing assistance to get YG staff members from Penllyn to Bangor. The team picked up a staff nurse from Abersoch and took her to the ambulance station in Pwllheli.



 3rd March


 Team was contacted by NWP requiring assistance with a district nurse who was having difficulty with transport due to snow.



 3rd March


 Whilst deployed on previous incident the team were alerted by WAST who needed assistance with a patient transport due to bad weather.



 3rd March


 Assist LLMRT with a casualty on PYG track approx 900m up. Casualty had sustained multiple injuries, including a head injury.



 17th March


 The team were alerted shortly after 15:00 on Saturday to reports of a male who had sustained an injury to his ankle and was struggling to descent the mountain.
The team deployed one vehicle and 8 personnel to the incident, and two members arrived quickly on scene to find the casualty being assisted down the incline by friends.
The team assisted the casualty the short distance down to the vehicle, before the casualty was assessed by the team’s Doctors.
The casualty later made his own way to hospital.



 18th March


 Team alerted at 15:21hrs at the request of Welsh Ambulance Services to evacuate a lung patient from a hard-to-reach address above Garndolbenmaen. The patient had been complaining of breathing difficulties and the Ambulance had become stuck approximately 1/4 of a mile away from the address. They made their way to the address on foot and assessed the casualty.



 20th March


 Team alerted at 20:18hrs following a mis-directed callout to Llanberis MRT of two males lost in the Nantlle Ridge / Cwm Pennant area requesting assistance. Both have no food and water although the full extent of their equipment (lighting etc) and skills were not known. Irrespective of this fact, the pair called for MRT assistance.
No contact was possible since the initial call to NWP despite several attempts by co-ordinators and SARLOC messages being sent. A Grid Reference had been provided although this was treated as dubious and it would not correlate with what one would expect to see at this grid (lack of lighting etc).
Weather conditions although clear were bitterly cold (into the minuses), and it was clear that it would be inappropriate to expect the pair to bivvy down, particularly given that they have called for assistance in the first place. A rescue effort was therefore made to evacuate the pair from the hill.
Previous experience suggested that the likely scenario here is that the pair have descended down Tal-Y-Mignedd towards Mynydd Drws Y Coed and have peeled off too far to the right, dropping into Cwm Pennant and Beddgelert Forestry.
1 x MRT Mobile was deployed to Cwm Pennant to progress toward the car park at Beudu’r Ddol. The vehicle and crew will made noise / lights and see if any response could be gleaned through headtorches, mobile phone lights or otherwise.
Two lights were seen on the hill, and the team progressed towards the location and located the casualties safe and well. They were escorted back down the hill.



 24th March


 Runner fell and gained a right lower leg injury running in 6th Trail at Portmeirion.
Cas given basic first aid and assisted to team vehicle where she was driven to the main village and made own way from there.



 28th March


 Concerns for a male who went to fly his drone at 1430 has not been seen since.
Turned up at home whilst Coordinator assessing and sorting out team.



 29th March


 The team were alerted just after 14:30 to assist The Welsh Ambulance service with a female who had fallen on Tre'r Ceiri and sustained a leg injury. (Tib Fib) The team deployed 1 vehicle and the SAR 936 was also on scene. The casualty was taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd in the aircraft. The team stood down at 16:06.



 3rd April


 Assist SSSART Female suspected broken ankle at Cwm Bychan, Rhinogs.



 7th April


 Two walkers with injuries on Llanberis Pass Snowdon. LLMRT asking for possible assistance and asking for troops response for possible stretcher carry .Casualty made good progress off the mountain with some assistance. Casualty's assesed by LLMRT and continued down on foot, team stood down.



 11th April


 A group of seven D of E requested assistance from MR - cold and low on water. They were located near Llyn Llagi (eventually confirmed at Craig Llyn Llagi). R 936 was tasked but weather prevented rescue by the SAR helicopter. Team members located the group and safely lead them to the roadside.



 12th April


 Request from WAST for assistance with a female fractured ankle on Llanbedrog hill. Team assisted and HM Coast Guard took over. The casualty was transported to YG by R936.



 12th April


 76yr old male with head injury – walking down from Moel Hebog towards Beddgelert forest - they were descending the summit towards Bwlch Meillionen where the casualty has slipped sustaining a leg injury and a head injury. R936 was requested but could not located the casualty due to low cloud. Team members assisted the casualty down to rendezvous with R936 and he was transported to YG. SSMRT were asked to standby should assistance be required.



 14th April


 Female with suspected broken arm – Cwmorthin. Team attended and assessed the casualty and transported her to Ysbyty Alltwen.



 6th May


 2 females at top of sygun unable to find way down, no water, very hot



 12th May


 Report of a 70 year old Male stuck on Craig y nyth Tan y grisiau area. Male had gone for a walk and had fallen onto a ledge reporting that there were no serious injuries but that he was in a very dangerous and precarious position and was just hanging on to the rock face. Team mobile 1 and 2 attended location as well as Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue personnel local to the area. South Snowdonia were initaily put on stand by - by team coordinators and later tasked to the incident. Request from the team for Coast Guard Rescue 936 was granted by the ARCC. 936 Located the casualty on steep precarious ground and winched the casualty to safety. Rescue 936 assessed the casualty and dropped at specific landing Zone where he was conveyed to home address via team vehicle and on scene incident officer and second on scene coordinator.



13th May


 Two lights seen Beddgelert side of Moel Hebog



16th May


 Three females lost in the hills above Beddgelert.



19th May


 53 yr old male fallen Bwlch Dros Bern (Nantlle). Head and knee injury.



19th May


 Whilst team were dealing with incident on Nantlle Ridge the team were alerted that Llamberis Mountain Rescue required assistance with an incident of two females injured on Crib Coch, Four team members made route to Pen y pass .Whilst one would follow on once the other incident was completed. Four team members made way from cause way with Royal Air force mountain rescue personnel. Incident concluded when Bristow Coast Guard conveying both casualties to Ysbyty Gwynedd Bangor.



20th May


 Cnicht - Female with an injured ankle, possibly broken after coming down from the Eastern side of the summit. 936 informed and on scene to evacuate casualty.



29th May


 Male lost above Beddgelert.



19th June


 Two people and dogs lost in hills above Beddgelert.



3rd July


 Request for SARDA dogs – missing person Rhoshirwaun.



7th July


 Female had asthma attack while walking on path around Llyn y Gader.



8th July


 Possible sighting of parachute on south west side of Moelwyn Bach.



13th July


 Two persons lost above Cwm Croesor.



 15th July


 A female had fallen and cut her leg on the plateau just below the summit of the Cnicht. A request for rescue helicopter 936 was granted and made way to the casualty area. once at scene the winch man treated the casualty.
Team back roped the casualty to a suitable location out of cloud where the winch and 936 were able to extract the casualty and make way to YG.



 17th July


 Team on stand by to assist South Snowdonia search and rescue team in a search for a dutch national possibly missing in the Rhinog Mountain range.
Four team members made route to the South Snowdonia search and Rescue base at Trawsfynydd.



 19th July


 Llanberis Mountain Rescue team asked for assistance from Swift Water rescue technicians to attend to a female who had fallen into a pool on the Watkin path and sustained a suspected fracture of the femur.
Team assisted with the for extraction of the patient and prepared for winching of the casualty to Coast Guard helicopter Rescue 936.



 21st July


 Assist LLMRT with a fallen walker on Crib Goch.
The deceased was transported from the location by Bristow 936 helicopter.



 26th July


 Male and three children missing on the Moelwyn Mawr.



 29th July


 Request to assist Ambulance with recovery of 50yr old male with leg injury in Carreg-y-Llam quarry, Pistyll.



 1st August


Female age approx 16 found up Cwm Bychan, Nantmor - finding it hard to breath.



 15th August


 Assisting LLMRT – two males benighted on Snowdon.



 16th August


 Croesor Rosydd



 16th August


 Report of lights on Moel-y-Gest.



 19th August


 Two climbers stuck on Christmas Curry Climb, Tremadog. Stuck on a ledge approx 60 ft from the top of the climb on a ledge. They are safe but require Mrt as it is now pitch black and they are unable to climb or descend.



 25th August


 Male, female and dog have got lost off a track - no food or water.



 17th September


 87 yr old female has fainted within the Sygun Copper mine, Beddgelert.



 20th October


 Team to base. Fallen climber at base of Christmas Curry, Tremadog with dislocated shoulder. Assistance required to evacuate to roadside.
Ambulance attended.



 24th October


 Pwhelli area – request for SARDA dog – missing person.



 31st October


 Male has called up to say that they are lost. His two children aged 13 and 11 are getting tired. Aberglaslyn Pass Cwm Bychan area.



 16th November


 Two adults and dog on Cwm Bychan path above Llyn Dinas – getting dark and worried about keeping to path.



 17th November


 Assist LLMRT. Female with cramp in legs – walking down Llanberis path, Snowdon.



 17th November


 Lights seen on Glyderau from Snowdon – incident passed to Ogwen.



 1st December


 Assist Llanberis MRT with a Male fallen at Lockwoods chimney Nant Gwynant, casualty had a 20 metre tumbling fall from the base of Lockwoods chimney sustained a suspected spinal injury.
R936 and EMRTS medics also attended. Casualty was extracted from a difficult location down to R936.



 16th December


 Report of three people missing in river, Melin Plas Du Pencaenewydd. NWP in attendance. R936 en-route to location.
On arrival the Team were stood down after a report that the three had safely managed to get out of the river.



 26th December


 A Team member and her father were on a walk above Tan-y-Bwlch station.
The father suffered a serious leg fracture and the Team were called out, they stabilised the broken leg and stretchered the casualty over difficult ground to an ambulance for transport to Ysbyty Gwynedd.



 28th December


 Requested by SSSRT for assistance in a carry off from the Rhinog Range with a gentlemen with a suspected fractured neck of femur.



 30th December


 Couple walking from the Croesor area over to Tanygrisiau, following the slate trail. Thick fog surrounded and then became disorientated.
Whilst investigating the couple was met by another couple walking in the opposite direction which led the couple back down to their vehicle.