Date 2016

Location and Incident





8th January 

The team were alerted by North Wales Police to an incident at 16:46 - a benighted walker lost above the Beddgelert Forest.
Due to deteriorating light and weather conditions the casualty asked for the teams assistance to help her down from close to Bwlch y Ddwy Elor, an area between Beddgelert Forest and Cwm Pennant and close to the Nantlle Ridge.
The casualty had suffered no injuries but was unsure of her location, a message was sent to her phone by SARLOC which gave the team her position.
A team vehicle and members were sent from our base at Porthmadog to locate and escort the lady back to her car.
The Team were stood down at 19:31. 


10th January 

The Team were alerted at 21:14hrs by North Wales Police who had received a report of a flare being sighted in the area of Gyrn Ddu, near Trefor. The informant stated that what he believed to be the flare was red and stayed in the air for a prolonged period of time.
North Wales Police dispatched two local Police Officers to the area, who travelled up and down the A499 between Nefyn and Pontllyfni with negative sightings. A Team Member also made this area to assist but failed to see any sign of flares or similar. Contact was also made with HM Coastguard, in the event any vessels in the area had been firing flares and to query if they had any resources on training in the area.
With no further sightings or no reports of anyone in distress, the Team were stood down at 22:30hrs.


14th January 

The team were called early this morning to assist Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation with the rescue of two climbers from the main cliff of Glyder Fach.
Ogwen had been out from the previous night and were joined this morning by Aberglaslyn, Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team and RAF MRS.


4th February 

The Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team were alerted at 11.29hrs to reports that a walker had slipped and fallen on Moel Yr Hydd, a part of the Moelwyn Range.
The 54 year old female and her husband had been walking when she took an unfortunate slip, causing her to fall and injure her ankle. Unable to bear any weight on the injury or move, the pair wisely decided to raise the alarm The Aberglaslyn Team were alerted, and began to muster at their Headquarters in Porthmadog. Owing to being mid-week and with volunteers committed elsewhere, the Team also requested assistance from the neighbouring South Snowdonia Search and Rescue Team.
A Coastguard Rescue helicopter from Caernarfon was also requested, and arrived in the area in good time. Unfortunately, the casualty was in cloud and inaccessible via helicopter. The helicopter then landed on at the Rugby field at Tanygrisiau, whilst a joint team of Aberglaslyn and South Snowdonia rescuers evacuated the female to the roadside. The female was then conveyed to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor.
The incident was completed at 14:53hrs


26th February 

 The team was called out at 16.31hrs by request from OVMRT when two climbers on East Arete on the Grey Slab area, Glyder Fawr, became cragfast when the lead climber could no longer move up nor down and could find no protection to set up an abseil. The Coastguard helicopter was unable to winch from that location due to the steep terrain and therefore team members were flown to the base of the route. One team member managed to climb up to the lead climber, secure him and then lower him to safer ground. Aberglaslyn MRT deployed ground troops to assist with the continued descent to a safe winch area, and Llanberis MRT were on stand by to be flown in to assist if necessary. A joint effort by the MRTs and the Coastguard Helicopter resulted in a happy outcome.
Team stood down at 22.21hrs.


29th February

 The Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team were contacted by North Wales Police shortly after 23:45hrs on Monday to assist in the search for a young man missing in the Llanfair / Harlech area.
This search was for one of our own, Josh Llwyd – Hopcroft, the 18-year-old son of Dion Llwyd a serving Team Leader and former Chairman of the Aberglaslyn Team.
A major search was conducted by members of the Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team, the South Snowdonia Search and Rescue Team along with the Search and Rescue Dog Association (Wales).
This search continued until past 05:00hrs the next morning. Dion himself went out on foot to search at first light, when tragically at 08:30hrs he located Josh deceased in fields close to the family home.
Shortly afterwards and lead by Dion himself, 10 of Dion’s fellow Team Members and Josh’s brother Sion carried him back to the family home.
Dion, his Wife Sue and the family, and the Aberglaslyn Team are eternally grateful to the South Snowdonia Search and Rescue Team and SARDA Wales for their assistance, and also the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation for providing cover for the Team’s area in the few days after the search.


7th March 

 The Team were alerted at 13:31hrs at the request of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation for their assistance in dealing with a group of 5 persons who had become cragfast on Bristly Ridge.
The Aberglaslyn Team were scrambled, and began to muster at the Team’s base in Porthmadog.
Luckily, news came shortly afterwards that the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter from Caernarfon had successfully made it’s way to the scene and had winched all 5 persons aboard.
The Team were stood down at 14:30hrs


8th March 

 The Team were contacted at 11:11hrs on Monday at the request of North Wales Police to assist with an animal rescue in the Croesor area.
The Police had been contacted by a farmer who had a sheep stuck on the hillside which had become cragfast on extremely steep ground. Unable to rescue the sheep himself, the Team were requested to assist.
A Team Leader contacted the informant, and assisted in providing advice and guidance in relation to the situation, and signposted the RSPCA in the first instance who would be able to assist with their specialist animal rescue equipment.
No further action required by Team.


11th March 

At 17:10hrs whilst returning from Bangor Crematorium, having attended a celebration into the life of Josh Llwyd - Hopcroft (See here :, the Team came across a vehicle which had smoke emitting from its engine bay on the A487 at Bryncir.
Team Members and Team Vehicle at the Scene.
Quick thinking Team Members went to assistance of the three occupants of the small hatchback vehicle and evacuated them from the vehicle which by now was now throwing out thick plastic odoured smoke. The Team quickly fetched 3 fire extinguishers, and a Team Vehicle was used to ‘fend-off’ the scene whilst traffic was halted. North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and North Wales Police were alerted and requested to assist.
A Team Member, who is also a Retained Firefighter at Porthmadog assessed the vehicle and opened the bonnet in a bid to establish and deal with the cause of the smoke. Thankfully, the vehicle was not on fire and it was established that the vehicle had little or no coolant inside which had caused the engine to overheat and was boiling within. With traffic still stopped, several Team Members pushed the vehicle from the carriageway to clear the road and arranged recovery for the vehicle and its occupants.
The attending services were cancelled and the Team stood down at 17:40hrs.


13th March 

The Team were alerted at 19:09hrs on Sunday to a report of a vehicle having become trapped on Black Rock Sands, Morfa Bychan. The vehicle and its two occupants had become stuck on sand in an area known as the North Bank, which is notorious with its soft sand.
Although clearly not in the Team’s normal remit, HM Coastguard were unable to tow the vehicle free, and local contacts who normally provide a towing service were not contactable. With no other options and with the vehicle at risk of being succumbed to the incoming tide, the Team with their specialist 4X4 capability were requested to assist.
The Team stood down shortly before 20:00hrs, but not before both of the Team’s 4X4 vehicles and the stricken vehicle were taken for a quick jet-wash at a local garage


16th March 

The Team were alerted at 19:30hrs to a report of a light having been seen on the side of Moel Yr Hydd, near Tanygrisiau.
With no suggestion of anything unusual or untoward, the Team were stood down shortly after 20:00hrs. False alarm with good intent.


25/26th March 

 The Team were called out at 20.18hrs to assist the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation with an incident on Tryfan overnight.

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21st April 

 The Team were alerted at 22:15hrs to a report of a light having been seen on the side of Craig Cwm Silyn, near Llanllyfni.
A Team Callout Co-Ordinator duly investigated the incident, and it was established that the call was the only one received at the time. Mobile phone coverage for the area was also good, and the light was not flashing any distress signals.
With no suggestion of anything unusual or untowards, the Team were stood down shortly after 23:00hrs. False alarm with good intent.


30th April 

 Four mountain rescue teams were called in on Saturday afternoon after a rescue helicopter was unable to get to the man at Maentwrog gorge.
He was taken from the gorge using a rope and stretcher system after suffering an ankle injury.
The man was flown to hospital four hours after the rescue operation began.
The gorge is used for canyoning where people climb and jump into the water.
Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team and South Snowdonia Search and Rescue Team worked on the rescue together with volunteers from Aberdyfi Search and Rescue Team and Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation who were also called out.


17th May 

 A request was received at 15.45hrs from LLMRT for assistance with a casualty near the top of the PYG track on Snowdon.
The casualty was a 72year old male who had fallen and suffered head injuries. Due to low cloud R936 helicopter was unable to assist. The casualty was treated at the scene and a stretcher carry was arranged.
Team assisted with carry down to Llyn LLydaw where R936 was able to collect casualty due to a break in the weather, cloud closed in again after helicopter departure.
The Team returned to Base at 21.30hrs.


4th June 

 Team informed at 22.55hrs of flashing lights on Creigiau Dre, Tremadog.
A Team leader investigated the sighting and concluded it was a false alarm with good intent.
The Team were stood down at 00.02hrs.


19th June 

 The Team were alerted at 18:30hrs at the request of the Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation who were dealing with an incident on Y Gribin. Two walkers who were traversing the ridge had become injured after dislodging a large rock on the route. The rock caused a knee injury to one but more serious injuries to the other. Their companion had to make his way to the Brew Shack before being able to raise the alarm.
Due to the serious nature of the call, a Coastguard Rescue Helicopter was requested immediately, and the Aberglaslyn Team called to support the rescue effort with additional personnel.
In horrendous flying conditions, Rescue 936 managed to lower their Winchman who quickly recovered the casualties.
The Team were stood down en route.


25th June 

 The Team were alerted at 15:13hrs at the request of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team who were dealing with a female with a fractured ankle on the Snowdon Ranger Path. The female who was well equipped had taken an unfortunate slip whilst out walking with friends.
Inclement weather conditions made a Helicopter Rescue impossible, therefore the Team were requested to support with additional personnel.
In a joint effort between both Teams the female was stretchered from the hill to a Llanberis MRT Ambulance and conveyed to the roadside where she was handed over to the Welsh Ambulance Service.
The Team stood down at 19:00hrs.


30th June 

 The Team were alerted at 01:08hrs, at the request of the Aberdyfi Search and Rescue Team who were assisting North Wales Police with a search for a vulnerable male in the Dolgellau area, to provide extra resources for a further search at 07:00hrs the next morning.
A major search operation had already commenced that included 11 Police Officers, the Aberdyfi Search and Rescue Team, 2 Teams from Her Majesty's Coastguard and also two dog teams from the Search and Rescue Dog Association (Wales). This searched continued long into the evening, and it became apparent that additional resources would be required at first light.
Fortunately, at 03:30hrs news came that a trailing dog team from the Search and Rescue Dog Association (Wales) had located the missing person safe and well.
The Team were stood down at 03:35hrs.


4th July 

 The Team were alerted at 18:49hrs to reports of a party of 12 Duke of Edinburgh Students who had become lost in the area of Cwm Pennant. The group had set off earlier in the afternoon and had hoped to cross over to Beddgelert via the forestry where they were due to camp for the evening. With the fog descending and unsure of their exact location, the group wisely decided to call for Mountain Rescue assistance.
The group were located with the use of SARLOC, which pinpointed the group's location to an accuracy of 52m. The Team then deployed 6 Team Members and 1 Mountain Rescue Ambulance to locate the group and assist them off the hills.
The Team stood down at 21.35hrs.


6th July 

 The Team were alerted at 11:23hrs on Wednesday to assist the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team who were attending to reports of a 60 year old male having a Cardiac Arrest approximately 2 minutes from the summit of Snowdon. The male was reported to be unconscious and not breathing and bystander CPR had been commenced. With the Casualty being in cloud and the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter unable to reach him, the Team's assistance was sought to assist in the rescue.
The Team were called out immediately, and 2 Team Members and a Mountain Rescue Ambulance were dispatched from the Team's Base in Porthmadog.
News came soon after that the Casualty was onboard a Snowdon Mountain Railway train where he was conveyed to below the cloud-base and then transported by R936 to YG.
The Team were then stood down at 11.53hrs.


8th July 

 The team were called at 16:10hrs to a female walker with a serious shoulder injury in the Gelli Iago area.
One Mountain Rescue Ambulance and eight members were deployed to the scene and due to the nature of the injury and difficulty of the terrain it was decided to gain the assistance of the Coastguard Rescue Helicopter, R936 to airlift the casualty to Ysbyty Gwynedd in Bangor.
Team stood down at 18:30hrs.


14th July 

 Team called at 00.38hrs to assist SSSART with mountain search in the Cwm Bychan area of Llanbedr for a 73 yr old male.
Both the casualty and the informant had left an address in Llanbedr at 12:30 on the 13th. The party became separated on the mountain at 21:30 as the informant left his friend close to Glouw Lyn.
The informant was ahead of his friend going down a steep descent and assumed the casualty would have walked down a different way.
On arrival at their vehicle the friend was not there.
Team called and assisted with members for the search, the missing walker was found safe and well.
The Team stood down at 02.00hrs.


15th July 

 The team were called to assist the RSPCA and a local land owner to see if we could help with the rescuing of a young bullock which had fallen around 60ft into an old quarry hole.
The animal was fit and well, despite its fall, and was in fact very lively. An attempt was made to herd it through a tunnel at the workings but unfortunately the bullock had other ideas!
The teams Coordinators at the scene assessed the situation and unable to assist with anything other than a safe passage down into the workings for personnel, the team stood down until further notice and the incident was left with the RSPCA and farmer.
Due to their experience with removing animals from holes the team asked North Wales Cave Rescue to attend see if they could assist in any way.


16th July 

 Whilst providing safety cover for the International Snowdon Race, the Team were approached by a member of the public unconnected to the race who asked the Team Members for some assistance. The male's friend had been hurriedly running off the hill as the weather was poor and he was soaked through and took a slip in his haste.
With pain to his head and a small lump emerging as well as a few cuts and abrasions, the Team's Casualty Carers were asked to check him over. The male's wounds were cleaned and dressed and a full primary and secondary survey revealed no further injuries. The male walked under his own steam off the hill with his friends.


16th July 

 Whilst providing safety cover for the International Snowdon Race, the Team were alerted to a report of a female competitor who had taken a slip whilst running back down from the summit. The female had fallen hard, and sprained her ankle.
Two Team Members made their way uphill from the Halfway Cafe and located the female prior to escorting her back down to the relative comfort of the Cafe. The Team Members examined the casualty's injury which was not as serious as first thought, therefore her ankle was supported and she was warmed up with a hot drink.
The female was then escorted from the hill and back to Llanberis by a Team Member.


31st July 

 Cuenant Cynfal Maentwrog
Team called to assist WAST to recover female with suspected fractured ankle, casualty carried to roadside.


3rd August 

 Team asked to assist Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team with a female casualty with a head injury on the Llanberis Path.
Casualty airlifted by R936 and flown to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor.


4th August 

 Team called to assist Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team with a female medical casualty on the Llanberis path.


6th August 

 Team called along with South Snowdonia Search & Rescue Team to a female with a suspected fractured ankle at Cwmorthin.
Casualty assisted from difficult location to roadside where she was taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd by car.


7th August 

 The team were called by the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team for assistance with an incident on the Miners, Snowdon.
The casualty was stretchered down the mountain to the crusher to the waiting Coastguard Rescue Helicopter R936.


8th August 

 The Team were called out this evening to assist Coastguard - Mid and NW Wales in the ongoing search for two missing teenagers off Barmouth.


9th August 

 At 13:42 on Tuesday afternoon North Wales Police requested the assistance of Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team in response to an incident involving a military training aircraft on the mountain of Yr Aran in Northern Snowdonia.
As the team were already attending two other incidents involving walkers on Snowdon we requested further assistance from neighbouring teams; Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team and Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation. Two Coastguard Search and Rescue aircraft were also deployed from their bases in Caernarfon and St Athan.
The unhurt air crew were recovered by the North Wales Air Ambulance, who happened to be passing in the area, to the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team base in Nant Peris. 5 Llanberis team members made their way to the aircraft location to help secure the site and await the arrival of RAF mountain rescue personnel who are specifically trained to attend air crash incidents.
This incident involved 25 Llanberis rescue team personnel and 10 from neighbouring teams. The two other incidents attended to by Llanberis MRT this afternoon involved a male walker with a broken leg on the Watkin path and a male walker with a broken wrist on the Pyg track.
Other agencies who responded to this incident include North Wales Ambulance Service, North Wales Fire and Rescue Service and North Wales Police.
Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team have attended 19 incidents so far this month and would like to extend thanks to Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team and Ogwen Mountain Rescue Organisation for their continued support during this exceptionally busy period.


21st August 

 Group lost Craig y Llan, Beddgelert
Team called out at 18.49. Group located and returned safely.


24th August 

 Report received of very bright lights been shining on Cnicht for around 20 minutes. False alarm with good intent.


28th August 

 The Team were called out at 15.01hrs to a fallen climber who was unconscious with a head injury on Craig Y Gesail, Penmorfa.
Arriving on scene in 5 minutes, a Team Member was able to quickly abseil down and administer casualty care prior to the casualty being airlifted to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor. Meanwhile, the Team set up a rope rescue system and were able to raise the second member of the party from the Crag.
Team stood down at 16.49hrs.


14th September 

 Team alerted at 16.10hrs to a report of red distress flare seen from Porthmadog in the direction of Tremadog.
Closed incident down as false alarm With good intent.


 14th September

 Team alerted at 19.20hrs to assist LLMRT with a 50 yr old female with suspected leg injury. Incident at the intersection of the Miners and PyG Track on Snowdon.
Casualty had been involved in an incident earlier in the day on Crib Goch and was poorly equipped and not experienced.
She had initially refused to board R936 but eventually was persuaded to be winched and flown off hill.
Team stood down at 21.28hrs.


 15th September

 Team alerted at 15.53hrs to a male with a leg injury just above the saddle / intersection of the Moel y Gest Porthmadog / Tyddyn Llwyn Path.
Team deployed and first hill party decided to get casualty to walk aided, this worked well but slowly until they reached the top of the zig zag scree area of the path. From here he was placed on to a stretcher and back roped down to the roadside and a waiting car, passed into the care of his wife and taken to Ysbyty Alltwen.
Team stood down at 17.34hrs.


 17th September

 Team called at 20.42hrs to report of lights flashing at Craig Cwm Silyn. The lights were reported to have been flashing for 10 minutes. After investigation it was regarded as false alarm with good intent. Team stood down at 21.42hrs.


 19th September

 Team contacted by NWP at 0.54hrs regarding concern for two persons overdue at Croesor Rhosydd mine through trip. Liaison was made with NWCRO and a plan formulated. As incident was progressing persons were then reported as safe and well and back at Ffestiniog. Team stood down at 02.00 hrs.


 24th September

 Request received at 15.50hrs from LLMRT to assist with casualty - 26yr female with a knee injury on the Llanberis path. Casualty recovered by R936 and team stood down at 16.50hrs.


 27/28th September

 Team called out at 15.10hrs to report of kayaker missing in the Afon Glaslyn, Aberglaslyn Pass.
The Team deployed several Team Members and SRT's including Ogwen MRT to the area and a search was instigated downstream from the place last seen. Unfortunately, the kayaker was located deceased not far from the place last seen but could not be recovered owing to a foot entrapment. With fading light, attempts to recover him proved fruitless and a second operation was required in the following morning.
The casualty was recovered the next morning and the Team stood down at 12.30hrs.


 12th October

 Team alerted at 19.13hrs by a concerned resident of Tremadog who had observed two persons climbing on Creigiau'r Dre, Tremadog. Both persons had been at the location for some time and concern was raised as it was getting dark.
Co-ordinator made contact with the informant who by this time could see that both persons were off the crag and were walking down the road. False alarm with good intent.


 15th October

 The team was alerted at 14.12hrs to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service after a walker fell on the Fishermans path in Aberglaslyn gorge.
The Casualty, a 70 year old male, sustained a hip and head injury during the fall. The Team was on scene in 8 minutes, arriving alongside the Welsh Ambulance Service.
The Casualty was stretched out of the gorge, along the path, to an awaiting Coastguard Rescue Helicopter, prior to being taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor.
Team stood down at 16.51hrs.


 21st October

 Team called out at 19.18hrs to a casualty and his friend went for a walk in the Beddgelert area when the casualty injured his knee trying to find an access down from Craig y Llan to Beddgelert.
Following a first aid assessment the casualty was deemed unfit to walk down towards the awaiting vehicles. Due to the difficult ground conditions, 936 rescue helicopter was requested and the casualty was evacuated YG. The casualty's friend was assisted off the hill by team members. Team stood down at 22.32hrs.


 22nd October

 Team alerted at 10:31hrs by NWP to assist in the search for a Missing Person.Fortunately the person was located soon after and the Team stood down at 10.47hrs.


 25th October

 Team were alerted at 16.31hrs to an incident on Craig y Llan. A family of 4 had become lost and disorientated on the hill. Having descended on steep ground.
15 Team Members attended and following a short search, the party were located and evacuated to the car park in Nantmor.
The Team stood down at 18.39hrs.


 6th November

 Team alerted at 14.05hrs to assist South Snowdonia Search & Rescue Team with a search for a missing person. Aberdyfi Search & Rescue Team, NWP, Criccieth Lifeboat and Harlech Coastguard Rescue Team also in attendance.
Casualty located behind a wall by a Police Officer. Treated by Team medics and stretchered to awaiting aircraft.
Team stood down at 16.35hrs.


 18th December

 Team alerted at 14:43 at the request of Llanberis MRT who were dealing with a male who had sustained an injured knee on the PYG track high on Snowdon.
With the casualty being in cloud rendering a helicopter rescue impossible and a limited number of Llanberis Mountain Rescuers available, the Aberglaslyn Team were tasked to assist in stretchering the casualty off the hill to an awaiting ambulance.
The Team stood down at 18:35hrs


 28th December

 Team alerted by North Wales Police / Heddlu Gogledd Cymru at 16:33hrs to assist in the search for a male who was last seen venturing onto Bwlch Sygyn, Beddgelert. The male had been spoken to by two separate groups of people, both of which had concerns for his welfare.

Owing to the nature of the task ahead and the large geographical area that required to be searching, the Team were requested to assist with their specialist search capability.

Fortunately, the male was located safe and well by Police Officers having returned to the place he was last seen near Beddgelert as the Team were en-route.

Team stood down at 16:57