Date 2015

Location and Incident





 7th January

At 12.50hrs NWP alerted the Team of a lost male walker near Llyn yr Arddu. A search commenced, in atrocious weather conditions, from the Cnicht side and another group, later, from Cae Daffydd area.
SSMRT also attended.
At approx. 16.40hrs the 21 year old was located by both teams at the same time. The casualty was wet and cold but had sought shelter in a bivi-bag.
The walker was led down to safety and the rescue was concluded at 18.30hrs.


 26th January

Whilst carrying out a joint exercise with SSMRT at Bwlch Plwmlead mine a request was received at 19.55hrs from LLMRT for assistance with search on Snowdon.
The members on the exercise were instructed to immediately return to base. However, whilst preparing to deploy, a message was received at 21.18hrs to stand-down.


 28th January

Team called out at 03.00hrs to assist South Snowdonia SAR to assist with search – Rhinogs.


 28th February

Team called at 12:00 to assist NWP with body recovery from difficult location, Nant Gwynant, Beddgelert,event concluded 17:00.


 11th April

Whilst covering the Portmeirion 6 Trail event the team received a call-out to Cwm Bychan, Aberglaslyn Pass where a male walker had sustained a broken ankle.
Paramedics attended and the casualty was stretchered by the Team to an ambulance.


 11th April

At the Portmeirion 6 Trail event the Team were tasked to a young female who had fainted, oxygen was given and the girl recovered, and was transported by a family member to hospital for a check up.


 11th April

Again, at the Portmeirion 6 Trail event a female competitor suffered a sprained ankle or possible fracture. The casualty was treated and an ankle splint applied, the Team stretchered the casualty to a vehicle for transport to hospital.


15th April

3 walkers left Craflwyn Hall at 9:30am on Wednesday to walk up Moel Hebog. At 19:50 the Hotel owner alerted NWP - JCC that 3 guest had not returned.
At 20:30 AMRT was contacted by the Hotel Owner who explained that the 3 missing persons had arrived back safely.


 17th April

The team was called at 19:26 to assist the Ambulance service following an incident at Beddgelert Forest, Rhyd Ddu.
A man, believed to be in his 20s, had sustained a deep cut to his leg while cutting tree branches with an axe.
The casualty was escorted out of the forest to an awaiting Ambulance with a MRT 4x4 vehicle.
The operation was concluded at 20:30hrs.


 19th April

Team called at 17:50hrs to assist LLMRT with stretcher carry on Snowdon. 20 year old female had slipped whilst walking and twisted her left ankle - reported to have vomited 4 times prior to MRT arrival.
Aberglaslyn MRT deployed 1 vehicle and 4 personnel to assist LLMRT with a short carry to Hafodty where the casualty was conveyed back to Peris Base by a LLMRT vehicle.
Team stood down at 20:00hrs.


 21st April

NWP call-out regarding report of 18 year old male falling down 10foot deep 'hole', Llanbedrog.
Team stood down at 16.14hrs – Coastguard on scene.


 21st April

Team called out at 17.44hrs to report of 59 year old female walker having suffered an ankle injury. Team deployed to Rhosydd quarry.
Rescue 122 from RAF Valley attended and the casualty was flown to Ysbyty Gwynedd.
Team stood down at 20.42hrs.


 28th May

Team called out at 18.12hrs to assist LLMRT with stretcher carry of casualty on PYG track. Team stood down at 18.27hrs, SAR helicopter from RAF Valley on scene.


 31st May

Team called by NWP re a kayak stuck on rocks in the Aberglaslyn gorge. There were no persons reported as being in danger and all persons out of the river.
Contacted informant and he stated that all were now out of water and boat was safe and that they would not be going back into the river. Team stood down at 17.03hrs.


 7th June

Team called by NWP at 11.29hrs to cover for Ogwen MRT and LLMRT, both teams involved in the recovery of victims of, tragically, a fatal drowning at Llanberis.


 9th June

Request from NWP at 16.47hrs to provide emergency response vehicles for LLMRT, due to vandalism to the LLMRT vehicles.
Team drivers on standby.


 10th June

Team called out at 18.50hrs to assist NWP with search for vulnerable missing person, Nefyn area. SARDA also requested.
Team stood down at 19.32hrs – person located safe and well.


 19th June

Team alerted at 23:32hrs to a report of a 70 year old male reported overdue possibly in the Beddgelert area having failed to return to his hostel in Betws Y Coed, fortunately soon afterwards contact was made and he was located safe and well.


 21st June

Team were in attendance at the Always Aim High Etape Eryri, providing safety cover and first aid to those taking part in the race. Glaslyn Mobile 2 consisting of 2 Team Members were forward deployed in the Beddgelert area where they were alerted to a report of a road traffic collision between a car and a pedal cycle on the B4418 at Rhyd Ddu. Both Team members made their way to the scene immediately and arrived on scene in 6 minutes.
Upon arriving at the scene, both members were greeted by an off-duty member of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team who was nearby and was assisting the casualty. It was immediately apparent that the casualty was suffering from serious life changing / threatening conditions.
The casualty's c-spine was immobilised by a PCSO who was passing the scene, and a primary survey was conducted on the casualty by the MRT members. It was apparent that the casualty had lost a lot of blood from a head injury consisting of a laceration to the head which included a part severation of his left ear. It appeared that both clavicles were broken, along with a possible right shoulder dislocation, a query broken right femur and also some hardening of the abdomen suggesting a source of internal bleeding.
Oxygen therapy was commenced, which proved difficult as the casualty was combative, groaning and unable to engage. Owing to the casualty's agitated state it was decided that he would remain in situ as he would not take a collar in all likelihood and losing the airway was of concern.
Upon the arrival of the Ambulance / Helimed pain relief was administered, and it was decided that owing to his serious condition a rapid sequence induction was required (stopping his breathing and taking over manually) and a second Air Ambulance was mobilised from Welshpool with 2 Critical Care Doctors from the Emergency Medical Retrieval & Transfer Service who peformed this at the roadside.
The casualty was airlifted directly to Stoke major trauma centre where his condition was later described as "serious" but "not critical"


 27th June

Team requested to assist the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team who were attending to a report of a male having slipped and fallen just below the intersection on the PYG Track on Snowdon. Assistance requested owing to a shortage of Team Members and R122 was unable to fly in owing to low cloud.
The Team deployed 6 members and one vehicle to assist.
As the Team arrived at Llyn Llydaw, news was received that R122 had managed to airlift the casualty aboard. Team stood down.


 27th June

Whilst attending to the previous incident on Snowdon, the Team were requested to assist the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team with a second incident on the Llanberis Path.
A 58 year old female had fallen and sustained an injury to her knee whilst descending just below Clogwyn Station. 6 Team Members and 1 vehicle were deployed to the scene to assist.
Whilst walking up, the Team were again stood down as news came that the casualty was onboard a works train which had travelled down the mountain to assist.


 6th July

Team called out at 13.04hrs to assist LLMRT. Report of young female suffering asthmatic attack; casualty situated above Clogwyn Station on Snowdon's Llanberis path.
When just about to commence walking up the path with further supplies of oxygen etc. word was received that the casualty had received treatment and placed on a special train (Snowdon Mountain Railway) for transport down to an awaiting ambulance.
The Team stood down and returned to Base at 16.30hrs.


 13th July

Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team were alerted at 18:15hrs, following a report that a party of 4 where lost in very poor visibility near a lake in the Cwm Croesor area.
The group set off from Croesor to climb Cnicht. The party became disorientated when they were surrounded by mist as they made their way down from the summit. No one in the party had a map or a compass, or any other adequate navigation equipment. Using the Sarloc system the exact location of the party was made available to the teams co-ordinator.
Aberglaslyn MRT deployed team members to the area to assist the party off the hill.
The operation was concluded at 21:30hrs


 15th July

Team call out at 20.00hrs to report of dog falling down 30ft mine shaft above Cwm Morthin. SSMRT and a member from Cave Rescue also attended.
The dog was retrieved safe and well. The Team returned to base at 22.20hrs.


 18th July

During the Ras Eryri Team members, near the summit, attended to a runner with leg and arm injuries. As he was showing signs of hypothermia and had difficulty in walking a Snowdon Railway train was stopped to convey him down to Llanberis.


 18th July

During the Ras Eryri Team members and a LLMRT member attended to a female runner who had fallen and received head injuries. She was transported to Llanberis on the train and then taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd.


 18th July

During the Ras Eryri Team members attended to a male runner with leg injuries. He continued the race after treatment.


 18th July

During the Ras Eryri Team members attended to a male runner with an ankle injury.


 18th July

During the Ras Eryri Team members attended to a female walker who has suffered an ankle injury. After treatment she was transported from Clogwyn Station by train to Llanberis.


 18th July

A Team member gave advice to a family with a 15 month old child in a papoose who was showing signs of stress due to the cold.
The family eventually decided to to turn back.


 18th July

Team members treated a male runner who had suffered an ankle injury and helped him to the Snowdon Railway at the Halfway Station to be transported down to Llanberis.


 18th July

A female showing signs of heat exhaustion was treated and transported in a Team vehicle down to Llanberis.


 20th July

The team were called at approximately 23.30 hrs to reports that persons were seen in distress on Mynydd Llyndu, Nant Gwynant.
Team members searched the area along with a SARDA dog team but found no sign, event concluded at 02.30 hrs, false alarm with good intent.


 26th July

Team called out at 21.18 hrs to report of 16 yr old girl and others in DofE group lost in Beddgelert forest. Group located and returned to camp-site.
Team stood down at 23.59 hrs.


 28th July

Team called out at 07.23 hrs to assist NWP with search for high risk missing person in Penrhos, Pwllheli area.
Team stood down at 08.02 hrs – person found safe and well by Rescue 963 SAR helicopter.


 29th July

Team alerted at 16:59hrs to report of a male having sustained a knee injury on 'Glyd Y Farch'. Location had populated on Aberglaslyn's area on NWP mapping therefore the Team were alerted. It was immediately suspected by the Co-Ordinator that the incident was on Glyder Fach given the poor spelling, no knowledge of such a place locally or through internet searches.
Contact was made with the informant who confirmed that he had set off from Gwern Gof Uchaf in Capel Curing, prior to summitting Tryfan this afternoon. The pair had then continued onto Glyder Fach where the caller's friend had been unable to weight bear on his knee and continue. A Grid Reference of SH 654 583 was also gleaned which plotted them on Glyder Fach.
Incident passed to OVMRO to deal. Aberglaslyn stood down at 17:29hrs


 6th August

Call out at 19.00hrs to family of ten including 6 month old baby, lost above Beddgelert near Moel Sygun. Family located and led down safely to Nantmor car-park. The group had no map or means of navigation, the weather was, fortunately, excellent.
Team stood down at 21.47 hrs.


 8th August

Team call out at 15.34 hrs to report of walker hearing male shouting for help on mountain near Caffi Llyn, Tanygrisiau.
Nothing found, false alarm with good intent.
Team stood down at 16.13 hrs.


 20th August

The Team were called to assist LLMRT with 6 cragfast persons (2 adults, 4 children) on Crib Goch at 18:10hrs.
The group were ill-equipped for the atrocious weather conditions, and were cold and wet. They were guided down the mountain, short belays were used to assist their descent.
All parties were off the hill and stood down at 00:10hrs.


 22nd August

Team called out at 21.36hrs to report of male missing taking part in Snowdonia 50 Ultra Marathon, hit last checkpoint in Beddgelert at 16:00. Requested by NWP at 20:55 stating that male had not reached last checkpoint in Llanberis and should have been there at least 2 hours after Beddgelert checkpoint. Found safe and well at 23:27 at a friend's house in High Street, Llanberis – he had not informed anyone!
Team stood down at 23.27hrs.


 25th August

The Team were alerted at 17:16hrs to assist the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team who had been paged to reports of a 70 year old male who was having chest pains on the Snowdon Ranger Path, Snowdon.
The Team deployed to the area and were just preparing to off when a report was received that Llanberis MRT personnel were with the casualty and had managed to escort him onto the last train down off the mountain.
The Team were stood down and returned to base at 19:38hrs.


 25th August

Having just returned from the previous incident a request was received from NWP to search for a vulnerable missing female. The Team were deployed to the Aberglaslyn Pass area were her car had been located. HM Coastguard helicopter Rescue 936 was also on scene.
The search was suspended at 01.30hrs.


 26th August

The search, mentioned above, was resumed at 09.30hrs involving including specialist Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technicians, the Search and Rescue Dogs Association (Wales), North Wales Police Officers. Assistance was also sought from LLMRT, Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue and NEWSAR.
At 13:15hrs, news came that the missing person had been located safe and well by Search Dog Handler and Aberglaslyn MRT Team Member Kevin Taylor and his dog 'Nop' in extensive woodland. The female was escorted back to the roadside into the hands of staff from the Welsh Ambulance Service and North Wales Police Officers.
The Team stood down at 14.48hrs.


 29th August

The Team were called at 22:02hrs at the request of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team to attend to a male who had dislocated his knee on the Snowdon Ranger Path, Snowdon.
The casualty was stabilised, splinted and evacuated back to the roadside where he was conveyed to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor by his friends.
The Team were stood down at 00:45hrs.


7th September 

At 14:21hrs , NWP were alerted to a report of a female having an anaphylactic shock close to the summit of Y Garn, in Snowdonia. The Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation were duly informed, and requested to assist. Investigations revealed that the location was actually Y Garn, Rhyd Ddu which forms part of the Nantlle Ridge and not that of Y Garn in the Ogwen Valley as first thought.
The Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team were alerted at 14:40hrs. The Coastguard Search and Rescue Helicopter at Caernarfon had already been scrambled, and was already routing towards the Nantle Ridge.
As the Team were mustering at base, news came that the Coastguard Search and Rescue Helicopter had reached the casualty, and had winched her on board and they were en route to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor.


9th September 

Report at 00.33hrs from NWP that a resident of Tanygrisiau had seen flashing lights on Moelwyn Bach. Two Team members investigated but nothing seen.
Incident closed at 01.22hrs.


12th September 

The Team were alerted at 18:20hrs at the request of the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team who had been called to reports of a male having fallen and broken his ankle on the PYG track, near the summit of Snowdon. Ogwen Valley Mountain Rescue Organisation also attended. R936 SAR helicopter was unavailable.
In a combined rescue effort, the casualty was stabilised, provided with pain relief and evacuated by stretcher in an operation lasting over 6 hours.
The Team returned to base at 01.00hrs.


22nd/23rd September 

Team called out at 21.26hrs to 60year old female reported with back injury. The casualty, in a group of three, had walked over Cnicht and were returning to Croesor via the path down Cwm Croseor. She reported that she could not continue due to her back problem. The Team located the group not far from the village of Croesor, the casualty was stretchered down a small incline and then she was assisted to walk to a vehicle and transported to Croesor car park.
The Team stood down at 00.26hrs.


27th September 

Report from NWP at 20.17hrs of persons shouting and flashing lights on Moel-y-Gest, Porthmadog. Three Team members investigated and came to the conclusion that it was a false alarm with good intent.


4th October 

The Team were alerted at 21:40hrs by NWP for assistance with the search for a missing person in the Penygroes area.
Fortunately the person was found safe and well by NWP in the Llandwrog area and the Team were stood down at 22.15hrs.


13/14th October 

The Team were alerted at 18:10hrs on Tuesday the 13th of October by North Wales Police requesting assistance to search for a high risk missing person in the Beddgelert area. The 64 year old male had been reported missing having not been seen for a few days, and his disappearance was described as being 'out of character' by his loved ones. The male's vehicle was located unattended in a rural area close to Llyn Dinas, Beddgelert quickly giving rise to the need for specialist search assets.
A search effort was quickly ensued, with the Team's specialist Search Managers Working hard at their Headquarters in Porthmadog to develop high probability search areas, coupled with the deployment of several Team Members and a Search Dog Team from the Search and Rescue Dog Association into the area. A Painstaking search of the area went on in the darkness until the early hours but unfortunately, nothing was found.
The search resumed promptly at first light on Wednesday the 14th of October and involved several members of Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team, Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team, RAF Valley Mountain Rescue Team and the Search and Rescue Dog Association. Assistance was also sought by North Wales Police Officers, a helicopter from the National Police Air Service and the North West Underwater Search Unit. A total of around 60 personnel were involved in what was now a major search operation.
The searches continued until 19:00hrs where sadly, a body was located in the search area by members of the North West Underwater Search Unit. All resources were therefore stood down at 20:00hrs.
The Team's condolences go out to the family and friends of the deceased at this difficult time.


15th October 

The Team were alerted at 15:51 at the request of the South Snowdonia Search and Rescue Team to assist with an incident on the Roman Steps, in Cwm Bychan near Llanbedr. A 48 year old female had taken a slip whilst out walking and became unable to move any further due to her injury.
Fortunately, as the Team's Mountain Rescue Ambulance was being deployed news came that a HM Coastguard Rescue Helicopter had successfully made its way to the scene and had airlifted the casualty aboard. The casualty was evacuated to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor.
The Team were stood down at 16:51hrs.


18th October 

At 22.00 the team's Search Managers assisted North Wales Police with specialist search knowledge to try and locate a person missing from home with concerns for their welfare, there was information suggesting that the person may have been within the team's area.
Fortunately, in the early hours of Monday, the missing person made contact with a family member, and gave a location where they could be found.


14/15th November 

The team's Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Group on standby due to severe weather and flood warning.


17th November 

The team's Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Group on standby again. 


23rd November 

Team call out at 11.46hrs to report of two flares seen on Moelwyn Mawr.
Co-ordinators investigated and concluded it was a false alarm with good intent.
Team stood down at 12.48hrs. 


5th December 

The Team's Swiftwater and Flood Rescue trained members are on ‪#‎standby‬ to assist our colleagues locally in North Wales and in the Lake District Search


12th December 

 Team alerted by North Wales Police who had taken a report of a light having been seen on the side of Moel Hebog, near Beddgelert at approximately 20:30-21:00hrs.
A Team member investigated and concluded it was a false alarm with good intent.
The Team were stood down at 0.15hrs.


25th December 

Swift-water Team on standby. 


26th December 

The Team were alerted at 09:18hrs to reports of flooding ongoing in Beaumaris, Anglesey. As one of 3 Flood Rescue trained Mountain Rescue Teams in the North Wales Area, a conference call was quickly established from the Silver Group of the North Wales Mountain Rescue Association. With flooding on the A55 and in the Swallow Falls area of Betws Y Coed, the Aberglaslyn Team were the only team accessible to the Beaumaris area, therefore the Team were mobilised to the area.
Arriving on scene, the Team quickly established a forward command post with all the other key responders, including the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, North Wales Police, Her Majesty’s Coastguard, the Welsh Ambulance Service and the local Flood Wardens. Following a meeting to jointly understand the risk and the most vulnerable properties, the Team’s 8 Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technicians were then tasked to check in excess of 50 properties to establish whether the occupants had self-evacuated of whether they were still present. Details for those remaining in the properties were obtained, in addition to establishing whether they had sufficient supplies and that their welfare needs were catered for. Meanwhile, two Team Members assisted in providing logistical support to the Fire Service and Ambulance Service by ferrying personnel and supplies to flood affected areas in the Team’s 4X4 Mountain Rescue Ambulances. The checks and assistance with supplies continued throughout the day, with fears that the situation would deteriorate at 23:30hrs with an incoming high tide.
Fortunately the high tide passed without incident, and the Team were stood down shortly after 00:30hrs. The Team returned to base at 01:30 in Porthmadog and returned home for 02:00 in what was a 17 hour deployment.


26th December 

Whilst deployed in Beaumaris as part of the Beaumaris Flooding (See the full incident report here : the Team were requested to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service who has recieved a call to an address in Llangoed near Beaumaris with a report of a female fitting profusely.
With the road to Llangoed having being flooded for the majority of the day, the Team were requested by the Welsh Ambulance Service to provide a response to the address with their Casualty Care trained members, and assist further by conveying Welsh Ambulance Service personnel to the address in the Team’s 4X4 Mountain Rescue Ambulances
Two of the Team’s Casualty Carers arrived at the scene in good time, and attempted to stabilise the patient by providing her with oxygen, taking observations of the duration and frequency of the fits and also providing updates to the Ambulance Crew who were en route. Fortunately, the flooding on the road had deteriorated somewhat and was passable with care for the Team’s vehicles and an ordinary Ambulance who were able to route directly to the scene themselves.
Upon the arrival of the Ambulance Service, the patient was quickly packaged and taken via Ambulance to Ysbyty Gwynedd. Sadly, whilst in the Ambulance the patient suffered a cardiac arrest and was later pronounced dead upon her arrival in Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor.
The Team’s condolences go out to the family and friends at this difficult time. 


26th December 

Whilst assisting the Welsh Ambulance and North Wales Fire and Rescue Services as part of the Beaumaris Flooding (See the full incident report here : ) the Team Members providing Logistical Support came accross a vehicle stranded in Water on the A545 Menai Bridge to Beaumaris coast road at around 19:00hrs.
With a family inside the vehicle and the vehicle rendered inoperable due to the water which was close to entering the vehicle, the Team Members quickly established a two rope onto the stricken vehicle, prior to pulling it to safety and out of the water using the Team’s 4X4 Mountain Rescue Ambulance.
With no injuries present on any of the occupants of the vehicle, they were escorted to a nearby place of safety by the Team.
The Team were relieved to continue with their duties at 19:45


26th December 

Report of flares seen Cwm Silyn area – Team members investigated and concluded that it was possible 'arcing' of power cables. Team stood down at 20.18hrs. 


28th December 

The Team’s Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technicians were placed on standby for deployment to York to deal with severe flooding which had affected the region.
With Fire and Rescue Services, Mountain Rescue Teams from all over the country and the military all heading to the region to assist, the Team were able to provide a number of Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technicians to deploy to the area as part of a regional response from the North Wales Mountain Rescue Teams.
As the Team were deploying to the area at 08:00, the message came that their assistance was no longer required and that the Teams could stand down.


29th December 

Team called to assist NWP with search for High Risk MFH from Mynytho, Pwllheli at 03.14hrs.
Team stood down at 03.43hrs when missing person located.