Date 2012

Location and Incident





 21st January

 Nefyn - Search for vulnerable missper with concerns for safety. Person located at Bangor following day by BTP. Assisted by SARDA, Coastguard and NWP.


27th January

 Tremadog - Lead climber fall on 'Cristmas Curry'. Climber took fall of around 5m and swung into crag shattering his right ankle. Stretchered by Team to roadside and waiting land Ambulance.


28th January

 Team called to person separated from group on Yr Arddu area of Cnicht. Person located by own group as Team were investigating.


 5th February

 Lights reported Cwm Llefrith, Cwm Pennant, team on standby whilst investigation took place, nothing found.


 5th February

 Report of group overdue Rhyd-Ddu area, they turned up before search commenced.


 5th February

 Team on standby for walker separated from group on Nantlle ridge. Person located by own group – team stood down at 22.30.


 13th February

 Team called to walker with broken ankle near Llyn Llagi, Nant Gwynant. Casualty treated by Ambulance staff. Casualty flown to YG by RAF helicopter R122.


 16th February

 Team called to search for group lost in poor visibility and fading light near Llyn Cwm-y-foel, above Cwm Croesor. Group located and led down to safety by early evening.


 8th March

 Near summit of Moel Lefn, above Beddgelert forest – Team called out to search for walker with broken leg. Casualty located early evening in poor visibility. Stretchered down off mountain; long carry over rough terrain to Ambulance. Incident concluded approx 22.30.

Video on YouTube showing how a flashing light can give assistance to the rescuers.


 27th March

 Reports, just after midnight, of distress flare seen above Nant Gwynant, Beddgelert. Nothing found – false alarm with good intent. Search concluded at 02.30.


 11th April

 Members tasked to assist LMRT with search for overdue walker on Snowdon, sadly a fatality. OVMRO and RAF also attended.


 12th April

 Team requested to assist with search for 76 year old missing person in the Porthmadog area. Located safe and well by Police Officers as call-out coordinators were investigating.


 15th May

 Team called at 13:57 to assist the Llanberis MRT with a fallen walker who'd suffered an ankle injury high on the PYG Track.

Both Teams were also assisted by the Royal Air Force Mountain Rescue Team who were training in the area. The Casualty was stretchered down over difficult terrain by the 3 Teams, and subsequently flown to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor by a Royal Air Force Rescue Helicopter from 22 Squadron, RAF Valley.
The Incident was concluded at 18:45.


 20th May

 Male injured during cycle event of Triathlon. Casualty treated for wounds to arm, ankle and back.


 20th May

 Female injured during cycle event of Triathlon, possible neck and back injury. Casualty stabilised and handed over to Paramedics.


 20th May

 Male injured when colliding with a vehicle during cycle event of Triathlon. Casualty examined and wounds treated.


4th June

 Callout Maentwrog : Team called to male with back injury in Ceunant Llennyrch. Incident found to be on South Snowdonia Search And Rescue Team's area by Co-ordinators.

Team on standby to assist due to difficulties with access at the location although no further action required by AMRT


6th June

 Callout Rhiw, Pwllheli : Team on standby to assist with search for missing person. Located safe and well during initial stages by North Wales Police whilst event was being investigated by Callout Co-ordinators. SARDA (Search and Rescue Dogs Association) also called.


8th June

 Team called to assist the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team (LLMRT) with evacuation of a hypothermic 15 year old female who was part of a Duke of Edinburgh group on the Watkin Path.
The Casualty was evacuated via stretcher in atrocious weather conditions to awaiting Team vehicles prior to being transferred to the Welsh Ambulance Service in at Pont Bethania, Nant Gwynant. Incident concluded at 17:45hrs


10th June 

 Team called to assist North Wales Police with search for a high risk missing person in the Clynnog Fawr area. North Wales Police Helicopter, SARDA (Search and Rescue Dogs Association), HM Coastguard and RAF Rescue Helicopter 122 from RAF Valley also called.
Thankfully the person was located safe and well, albeit with a head injury by North Wales Police officers in some gorse whilst Team were on route. Team stood down at 16:50hrs.


 17-18th June

 Team initially called to investigate flashing lights on Craig Nyth y Gigfran following being seen by one of our Team members who was out walking his dog at the time. Further investigation lead to a walking party, of which the third member of the group had been separated and was now unaccounted for. A search of the immediate area by the team and South Snowdonia Search and Rescue located the missing person safe and well and with no injuries. Incident concluded at 02:30hrs


 30th June

 Team call out to assist LLMRT with stretcher carry, 15year old male with broken ankle, Pyg Track by Zig zags on Snowdon.


 30th June

 Team call out to Bwlch Y Battel to assist a 17 year old female with a knee injury who was part of a D of E group.
The Team were deployed immediately from the Llanberis area following the previous incident and arrived at the location in good time. Casualty was then stretchered down to an awaiting Team Land Rover Ambulance and conveyed down to the main car park at Croesor and awaiting D of E co-ordinators.



 Team called out at 00:53hrs to report of two separate Duke of Edinburgh groups being overdue, with no contact made since 1500hrs the previous day. Team placed on standby whilst coordinators investigated the incident, although stood down shortly after 0230hrs due to the limited information available as the informant was out of mobile coverage. Telephone contact was established shortly before 0400hrs, which followed close liaison with the informant, North Wales Police and D of E Organisation. Investigation continued up until 0930hrs when contact was established with both groups who confirmed they were safe and well. Incident concluded at 1000hrs.


6th July

 Team on standby for any assistance required due to inclement weather.


7th July

 Team called to assist Ambulance crew in woodland at Portmeirion who were attending to a fallen 66 year old male with lower leg injuries. Due to the casualty's location, the Team were required to assist with evacuation.
Following being treated by the Ambulance crew on scene, the casualty was stretchered up some difficult terrain to the awaiting Team Land Rover Ambulance and subsequently transferred to the land Ambulance at the roadside.
Incident concluded at 17:30hrs


7th July

 Team on standby to assist South Snowdonia Search and Rescue Team with a fallen walker on the south east flanks of Rhinog Fawr.
Casualty was airlifted to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor by RAF Rescue Helicopter 122 from RAF Valley, Anglesey.


11th July

 Team called out to Beddgelert Forest - report of 17 year old male with suspected fractured leg, D of E Group..
Ambulance service also attended and casualty was airlifted to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor by Air Ambulance.


14th July

 Team called at 17:20hrs to assist another 17 year old male with a suspected broken ankle who was a member of a Duke of Edinburgh Award walking party.
Team attended along with RAF Rescue Helicopter 122 from RAF Valley, who both arrived on scene simultaneously. Casualty stabilised and following the immobilisation of his injured leg was airlifted to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor. BBC News item.


14th July

 Team called at 20:23hrs to assist North Wales Police in searching for a High Risk Missing Person.
Team placed on standby whilst Call-out Co-ordinators and Search Managers liaised with North Wales Police and investigated the incident. The person was located safe and well in the Bangor area by Police Officers.


17th July

 Team call-out to assist Ambulance crew at Carreg Wen, Morfa Bychan, who were attending to female with suspected fractured leg.
The casualty was stretchered, for a short distance, to awaiting Ambulance.


21st July

Female with head injury treated, during Snowdon Race, by Aberglaslyn and Newsar.


21st July

 During Snowdon Race team members from Aberglaslyn and Newsar attended to male with lower leg injury.


21st July

 During Snowdon Race team members from Aberglaslyn and Newsar attended to male with lower leg injury.


21st July

 During Snowdon Race team members from Aberglaslyn and Newsar attended to male with lower leg injury.


22nd July

Team called out at 9.10pm, report of male and female climbers on Craig yr Ogof, Cwm Silyn - crag fast - weather closing in and getting cold. Overnight rescue, in atrocious weather. SAR helicopter from RAF Valley attempted to lift them off but were unable to do so due to high winds and lowering cloud base.
The rescue teams (approx 20 members), therefore, made their way up to the top of Craig Cwm Silyn.
Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team and Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team attended.
The rescue concluded at 6.00am (23rd), the couple safely brought off the mountain were 'lucky to be alive'.
See item on BBC News
Daily Post article


23rd July

 Team on standby for overdue D of E group in Beddgelert / Nant Gwynant area. Fortunately the group turned up and no further action was necessary.


23rd July

 Team called out to Craig Yr Ogof (by coincidence scene of previous night's rescue). Team called at 21:35 to assist 3 persons stuck on craggy terrain at Craig yr Ogof in poor visibility. Following investigation, a rescue party was dispatched to search for them in poor visibility. Llanberis MRT, who were on a separate callout, were requested to provide rescue ropes as our ropes were written off in the previous night's incident.
Concluded approx 2.30am (24


5th August

 Team called out to the Roman Steps, Cwm Bychan (Rhinog Fawr) at 1.48pm to assist SSMRT with carry off of male casualty with ankle injury. The team carried equipment and stretcher up to the casualty and stabilised his injured ankle. A decision was made to stretcher the casualty over the head of the Roman Steps and down east to the forestry track and awaiting landrover (Bronaber side) – no SAR helicopter was available. The incident concluded at 7.45pm.


7th August

 Team on standby after report of person heard shouting for help in area of crags behind Ysbyty Alltwen, Tremadog. Two members of team did a preliminary search as did the Police helicopter. Nothing was found and the team was stood down at approximately 9.45pm.


11th August

 Team called at 12:40hrs to the tip of the Llyn Peninsula to assist the Welsh Ambulance Service who were attending to a fallen walker with a broken ankle on the Wales Coastal Path.
The Team were stood down upon arriving on scene as the Casualty's location hadn't been as difficult to access as first predicted, and Ambulance personnel had successfully evacuated the Casualty to the roadside. Team stood down at 15:03hrs.


18th August

 Team called at 12:43hrs to assist the Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team who were attending to a male in a party of four with a knee injury high on Crib Goch.
The Team deployed to Pen-Y-Pass car park, whilst a hasty party of the Llanberis Team's troops arrived on scene and carried out an assessment of the casualty's condition and administered first aid. The Team remained at Pen-Y-Pass ready to be deployed at a moment's notice if required, though our assistance was not needed.
Team stood down at 14:15hrs 


26th August

 Team called out to Cwm Bychan, Nantmor – 21 year old female with ankle injury. Casualty stretchered off to Nantmor car-park.


26th August

 Request from Newsar to assist in search for missing person in Oswestry area. Person found before Team deployed.


7th September

 Team called out 00.20hrs to Rhyd Ddu – report of missing male walker on Nantlle Ridge. After all night search the walker was found safe and well – he had sought shelter – Team stood down 08.05hrs. Assisted by SARDA and RAF rescue helicopter R122.


12th September

Team called out to D of E group at Hafod Owen, Nant Gwynant – 16year old female with leg injury. Casualty treated and stretchered to Landrover ambulance and transferred to the group's own transport at nearest road.


20th September

Team called at 13:31hrs to a 37 year old female who had fallen off her mountain bike in the Blaenau Ffestiniog area. Team placed on standby whilst callout coordinators investigated the incident. Event was found to be in SSSART area, AMRT remained on standby throughout incident.


22nd September

Team called at 13:19hrs, whilst returning from a training session at RAF Valley, to assist Police with a search for a 70 year old gentleman who was missing from home with concerns for his welfare. Luckily person was located by local childen on part of the Wales Coastal Path whilst the Team's Search Managers were briefing search parties. Assisted by SARDA, Llandwrog Coast Guard and North Wales Police.


2nd October

Team called to assist Dyfed Powys Police, Aberdyfi SART and Brecon MRT in searching for 5yr old April Jones missing from the Bryn y Gog estate, Machynlleth. Team returned to search on 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Our thoughts are with April, her family and friends at this sad time. Aberglaslyn MRT also wish to give our heartfelt thanks to the community of Machynlleth and surrounding area for their tireless assistance, warmth and generosity throughout the time we were searching. Thank you to each and every one of you.


2nd October

Whilst deploying to Machynlleth the Team came accross a serious road traffic collision outside Ganllwyd on the A470. 12 team members, who were the first emergency personnel on scene, imobilised the female and gave emergency first aid pending the arival of the statutory emergency services. Due to the seriousness of her injuries the casualty was flown to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor by a helicopter crew from Chivenor, Devon. 


20th October

Team called out at 19:16 hrs to report of lights on rock face above Llyn Stwlan, Tanygrisiau. After investigating the area nothing was found. SSMRT also attended. Team stood down at 21:15 hrs.


24th October

Team called out at 13:06 hrs to assist Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team with recovery of 26 year female (unfortunately a fatality) who had fallen on Crib y Ddysgl. 122 Sea-king from RAF Valley and RAF Valley MRT also attended.
Team stood down at approx 16:50 hrs.
See report in Daily Post.
BBC Wales


16th November

Team called out at 14:03 hrs to report of 75 year old male walker fallen 200 feet on Y Garn, Rhyd Ddu, unfortunately a fatality. Our thoughts go out to family and friends.
122 Sea-king from RAF Valley attended and carried out recovery.
Team again attended the morning of the 17th to recover any property left at the scene.


17th November

 Team called out at 18:50 hrs to report of flashing lights and possibility of people in trouble, Creigiau'r Dre area, Tremadog.
Team investigated but nothing found. False alarm with good intent.


13th December

  Team called at 13:10hrs to assist in the search of a male believed missing following the discovery of his rucksack near Cilan Head, Abersoch earlier that morning. The Abersoch Inshore Lifeboat, Abersoch Coastguard Rescue Team and North Wales Police Officers were also involved in the search.
Luckily, the missing male was located safe and well at his home in Penrhyndeudraeth as the Team were mustering. No action required.
Team Stood Down at 13:20hrs