Data Protection Act 1988

The information you provide in this application form will be entered into both a manual filing system and a computerised system and as such is covered by the rules set out by the Data Protection Act 1998. The data will be used to assess your suitability to join the organisation and may be shared with other Mountain Rescue Teams and partner agencies. The information you provide may also be held on file for a period of time not exceeding 7 years.

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Personal Details


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Next of kin

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Disabilities or Illnesses

The Equality Act 2010 prohibits discrimination, victimisation or harassment in employment and membership of organisations. This includes any application process. However, Mountain Rescue work involves physically enduring tasks over a prolonged period of time and some injuries, recurring illnesses or disabilities may render you ineligible for membership of the Team. The Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team welcomes the recruitment of people who have disabilities.


Callouts can occur at any time during the day or night, and as such membership of the Team carries a responsibility and commitment to attend these incidents in addition to our weekly training sessions. However, we find that most families and employers are extremely supportive of the Team’s work. We are particularly interested in hearing from applicants who can offer their availability during the day time.

Driving licence


Please provide us with names and addresses of two referees* who you have known for at least three years. Referees should not be immediate family members, although references are welcomed from employers or other voluntary organisations

*The Aberglaslyn Mountain Rescue Team currently insist on a second Referee being a current or previous member of a Mountain Rescue Team affiliated with the North Wales Mountain Rescue Association (NWMRA)

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Criminal Convictions

Mountain Rescue Teams throughout the UK are the responsibility of the Police Service, and are often privy to sensitive information through an information sharing agreement. Teams are also often called upon to search for the vulnerable within the community and as such it is imperative that all members are of good character.

Experience and Training

Please state if no experience.
(ie. water skills, voluntary work, transferrable skills)


In making this application, I understand that:

A Team Member who has deliberately made any false statement or omitted information in order to obtain membership of the organisation may subsequently be liable to disciplinary proceedings and / or be required to terminate their membership.

The information I have provided may be held on manual filing and computer systems as part of the application process and for future reference if
successful in obtaining membership of the organisation.

I understand that I may only retain membership of one Mountain Rescue Team whilst as member of the Organisation (Excluding Specialist Teams i.e SARDA).

I understand the Committee retains the right to reject any membership application without giving reasons.

I declare that all the statements I have made in this application are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that no relevant information has been withheld.